You’re never too old to learn something new


Telstra’s volunteer digital ambassadors

Never too old to learn something new

Recently, about 30 Goodwin village Ainslie ILU residents were lucky enough to have Telstra’s volunteer digital ambassadors teach them the skills to give them confidence to use the internet, go online, search on google, u-tube, facebook and stay connected to their family, friends and what’s going on in the world. The Ambassadors were a huge hit. There was a focus on introductory digital skills and functionality for iPad/ iOS. There was a range of skills amongst the residents, for those who had hardly every connected to the internet before a whole new world was opened to them. The great thing about the digital learning session from the Telstra ambassadors was residents felt safe to ask all their questions with no question being too silly, as everyone was learning together. Residents came along with phones, iPads, and laptops eager to become more tech savvy and solve those annoying problems that sometimes accompany digital devices. In small groups the Digital Ambassadors could give one-to-one guidance. Subjects ranged from how to best get the news online, adjust screen brightness, use the camera, make skype and facetime calls and how to use google to solve a crossword.

The feedback was very positive and as the digital learning session was so well received by the Ainslie residents, Goodwin is hoping that Telstra will work with more of our ILU residents across all our villages in the future.

For a long time, these residents have heard about tools and now for many they can say “guess what I’ve actually used them”. Now they have a lot more confidence in their skills and ability to enjoy the digital age we live in. These seniors are no longer excluded from this rapidly developing digital world we live in; they are now part of it.