Goodwin’s COVID Response

Commitment to care

The safety and wellbeing of our residents, clients, and staff is our top priority.

Everything we do is aimed at providing the best care, accommodation, and services for seniors to live their best lives.

Goodwin’s comprehensive approach to clinical governance and infection control standards is key to ensuring our communities remain healthy, active and happy.

Perfecting our approach

Since the start of the pandemic, Goodwin has been building and refining its COVID management plan to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents and staff.

Goodwin’s COVID response measures go beyond what is mandated, taking a diligent approach to prevention, and a swift and comprehensive response in the event that COVID is detected.

Prevention and preparation

A good defence is the best offence. Prevention is better than a cure. Whichever analogy you choose to use, it pays to be prepared.

Our prevention methods go significantly beyond what is mandated, and include:

  • ongoing testing regimes, including testing staff prior to each shift
  • excellent vaccination rates thanks to onsite vaccination clinics for staff and residents
  • thorough screening processes in place for staff, residents, visitors, and contractors
  • ongoing research into best practices
  • strict use of PPE.

Education and qualifications

Goodwin provides ongoing training to all staff on a range of different topics, not least of which is COVID and infection prevention and control training. In addition, we have a strong team of qualified Infection Prevention Control (IPC) leads and Outbreak Coordinators, all of whom are Registered Nurses.

These IPC leads ensure that residential care facilities and care staff across all services are following best-practice measures in keeping Goodwin COVID safe.

Our response to a COVID event

Timing is everything when it comes to a confirmed case of COVID. We act quickly to minimise the spread of infection and assist residents and clients to recover, working proactively with government, residents, families, and medical professionals.

Whilst our facilities endeavour to remain open to visitors as much as possible, we do occasionally have to enact strict quarantine protocols to minimise the spread of infection.

We understand the importance of mental health and the need to maintain social and familial connections while maintaining top quality care. One-on-one care is provided to residents in their rooms, with a focus on taking the time to ensure people are receiving holistic care.

In addition, a wide range of actions are undertaken by Goodwin staff at all levels to ensure quality care is provided, no matter the circumstances.


Communication is key

We work closely with residents and families to inform of latest information and to ensure residents are able to talk with their loved ones through phone and video calls.

The primary contact is contacted immediately in the event that a resident tests positive to COVID or is experiencing a health event.

To respect the privacy of our residents and clients, we no longer publicly publish numbers. We do communicate with residents and their primary contacts to keep them informed and answer any questions they may have.

Our track record

Thanks to the professionalism of our teams and the cooperation of our community, Goodwin has seen its residents recover exceptionally well from past COVID events.