Happy 75th birthday to Pilar Del Rio


Goodwin’s oldest employee, Pilar Del Rio, celebrated her 75th birthday on Wednesday the 1st of June.

Pilar had a well deserved day off on her birthday, so today Goodwin Chief Executive Officer Sue Levy organised a celebration with some of Pilar’s workmates in Farrer.

Pilar works in the Farrer residential care facility as a carer and is acknowledged as one of our hardest workers. If there is work to be done, Pilar will always step in and fill the void.

Pilar started work at Goodwin in 2007 aged 66 and is still working hard nine years later. Pilar was born in Spain in 1941 before moving to Australia in 1965.

“When I got the call about the job, I had to say ‘you know I’m 66 right?’” Pilar said. “I keep thinking that someone will say I have to stop now, but I know that won’t happen, so I will just keep working for as long as I can.”

Ms Levy acknowledged Pilar’s wonderful achievements and contributions as Pilar was presented with her cake.

“Pilar clearly demonstrates that age is no barrier and I am immensely proud of her,” Ms Levy said. “On behalf of everyone at Goodwin, I’d like to congratulate Pilar on her 75th birthday.”