Goodwin Monash’s love birds, Sylvia 93 & Frank 88, on how to keep your love alive


Goodwin Monash’s love birds

Sylvia 93 and Frank 88 tell the incredibly romantic story of their love and impending marriage. They were separated for 8 years and now are reunited. Frank asked Sylvia to marry him over 20 years ago and she has finally said yes. Their reunion is really due to the fact that John Penca, Goodwin Monash’s manager of residential didn’t give up on trying to reunite the couple. In fact he was determined to make Sylvia happy again and when she started crying about missing Frank, John said, ‘if there’s one thing I’ll do, I’ll get that man here’. Thank you to John for persevering and making two people very much in love happy again.

Read the article attached and find out Sylvia and Frank’s tips on how to keep your love strong.